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KOYO Bearing

Japan Koyo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. is a member of the JTEKT Group with Japan JTEKT Co., Ltd. (formerly Japan Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.) as the core. leading companies in the field. All corporate members are closely linked and share technological achievements. Using the technological achievements of the JTEKT Group, KOYO actively strives to create unique, high-value-added products, while promoting the development of technology and constantly looking for challenging business opportunities. KOYO Bearing was founded in 1921. It has 8 factories and 28 sales points in Japan, and 9 production plants and 24 sales points abroad.

KOYO is a world-wide comprehensive bearing product manufacturer with a long history and culture, ranking third in Japan, and its various bearings are widely used in general machinery and other industries and professional fields, all over the world It enjoys high reputation among users and praise for the quality of friendship.

Japan Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.'s business items include bearings, automotive steering gears, automotive instrumentation, constant velocity joints, oil seals, machine tools, industrial heat treatment furnaces and electronic controllers. In recent years, the company has greatly increased the production capacity of overseas automobile steering gear, and has set up steering gear production bases in Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea and China, etc., and has become a well-known manufacturer of automobile steering gear systems in Japan.

KOYO Bearing's main products are: rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings, high-precision bearings, self-aligning bearings, seated bearings, plane ball bearings, short cylindrical roller bearings, linear guide bearings, ball screw bearings, Miniature linear guide bearings, crossed roller guide bearings, reciprocating rotating bushing bearings, ball sliding group bearings and cam follower bearing products, etc.

Company Address: Chong'an District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China