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The Purpose and Function of Bearing Lubrication
Source: this site     Release time:2021-08-10

The purpose of rolling bearing lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside the bearing and prevent seizure. The lubrication effect is as follows.

(1) Reduce friction and wear. Prevent direct metal contact between bearing rings, rolling elements and cages, and reduce friction and wear.

(2) Extended fatigue life. The rolling fatigue life of the bearing will be extended if the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during operation. Conversely, if the lubricating oil viscosity is low and the lubricating oil film thickness is insufficient, it will be shortened.

(3) Discharge and cooling of frictional heat. For the circulating oil supply method, etc., the heat generated by friction can be cooled by the oil, or the heat transmitted from the outside. Prevent the bearing from overheating and prevent the deterioration of the lubricating oil itself.

(4) Others. Prevent foreign matter from entering the inside of the bearing and prevent rust or corrosion.

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