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Types and Features of NSK Rolling Bearings---Self-aligning Ball Bearings
Source: this site     Release time:2021-11-29

Self-aligning ball BearingThe raceway of the outer ring is a spherical surface, and the inner ring has two rows of channels, and the center of curvature of the spherical surface is consistent with the center of the bearing. Therefore, the inner ring, ball and cage can tilt and rotate freely around the center of the bearing, which is self-aligning. It is suitable for transmission shafts where it is difficult to center the shaft and the housing, and the shaft is prone to deflection. Because the contact angle is small, the axial load capacity is also small. Therefore, the shaft center deviation caused by the machining or installation errors of the shaft and the bearing seat can be automatically adjusted. Tapered bore bearings can be installed with an adapter sleeve. Stamping cages are generally used.
The allowable self-aligning angle of self-aligning ball bearings is about 0.07-0.12 radians (4°-7°) under normal load conditions. Depending on the installation dimensions around the bearing, there are special cases where this alignment angle cannot be achieved, so please be careful.

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