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Types and characteristics of NSK rolling bearings---cylindrical roller bearings
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NSK cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of bearing in which the cylindrical roller and the raceway are in line contact. It has high bearing capacity, large load capacity, and mainly bears radial load. Low friction between rolling elements and ferrule ribs, suitable for high-speed rotation applications.
According to the presence or absence of the rib of the cylindrical roller bearing ring, it is divided into NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other single row bearings and NNU, NN type double row bearings. The bearing is a structure in which the inner ring and the outer ring can be separated.
Cylindrical roller bearings without ribs on the inner ring or outer ring can be used as a free end bearing because the inner ring and the outer ring can move relative to each other in the axial direction. Cylindrical roller bearings with double rib on one side of the inner ring or outer ring and a single rib on the other side of the ring can withstand a certain degree of unidirectional axial load.
Cylindrical roller bearing styles NU, N, NNU and NN are suitable for free side bearings. NJ type and NF type can bear a certain degree of axial load in one direction, and NH type and NUP type are used as fixed side bearings.
NH type cylindrical roller bearing is assembled by NJ type cylindrical roller bearing and L-shaped retaining ring.
NUP type bearings should be mounted with the engraved side of the retaining ring facing outwards.
Double row cylindrical roller bearings, with high rigidity for radial loads, are mainly used for machine tool spindles.
Generally standard cylindrical roller bearings use steel stamping cages or copper alloy machined cages, but some use polyamide forming cages. For high-speed rotation applications, use a car-made cage.

NSKHPS bearing has high bearing capacity and is a long-life series bearing of newly standardized EM and EW.
Newly constructed bearing based on NSK's unique design concept. Compared with the old model, the roller size of this bearing is larger and the number of rollers is increased. And through optimized design, the bearing adopts an integrated cage with high rigidity and low wear to achieve long life and low noise, and has a complete series of dimensions.

Features of the EM series:
High bearing capacity・Long life
Low noise and low vibration (about 50-60% reduction)
Greatly improved cage strength

Features of EW series:
High bearing capacity・Long life
Low noise・Low vibration (about 30~40% reduction)
1.5~2 times higher cage strength
10~10 times higher limit speed 25%

Space Volume of Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Cylindrical Roller Bearings are mostly lubricated with grease that can simplify the peripheral structure of the bearing housing and is easy to maintain. When using, select the appropriate grease according to the bearing conditions, and pay attention to the grease filling amount including the bearing seat and the filling position.
In terms of structure, cylindrical roller bearings are divided into NU type, NJ type, N type, NF type, NH type, NUP type, etc., even if the same size The space volume of the series of bearings is also different. Also, it varies depending on the cage type, either with stamped cage or super strong brass machined cage.
The space volume of the NU bearing, which is widely used in cylindrical roller bearings, is used as a reference for determining the amount of grease filling.
In addition, for other types other than NU type, it can be determined by the space volume ratio with NU type, which is the approximate space volume ratio of various types of cylindrical roller bearings.

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