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Types and Characteristics of NSK Rolling Bearings---Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Pulleys
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Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing · Cylinder Roller Bearing

Structure, Type and Features
Full complement cylindrical roller bearings have no cage, and a large number of rollers are installed, so they have a very large load capacity. It is a full complement roller type and is inferior in high-speed performance compared to a bearing with a cage.
Open single-row and double-row bearings are mainly used in low-speed and high-load fields of general mechanical equipment. Dust cover type double row bearing, mainly used for crane rope pulley.
Cylindrical rollers for pulleys Bearing
1. Sealability:
Because of the contact type sealing ring, the effect of preventing the intrusion of foreign matter, water, etc. is excellent.
2. Large load capacity:
As a pulley bearing, it has large radial load capacity and thrust load capacity.
3. Corrosion resistance:
The rust resistance is improved by phosphate coating treatment.
4. Grease supply type:
It is a sealed type bearing, and at the same time, the grease can be supplied through the grease hole in the inner ring.
5. Reduced installation parts:
With the outer ring retaining ring, the sealing performance is good, so the number of parts around the bearing can be reduced, and the cost of the overall structure of the pulley can be reduced.

Structure and features of non-separable bearings
NCF type relies on the snap ring installed on the outer ring to keep the inner ring and the outer ring and the rollers from being separated, and bear the axial load in one direction.
NNCF type is a double row arrangement of NCF type, which has a large radial load capacity.
RS-48E4 · RS-49E4 type is a double row outer ring with middle rib and two pairs of double rib single row outer ring. The non-separable type is provided with stop rings on both sides of the outer ring. Can withstand axial loads in both directions and can be used as a fixed side bearing. With oil sump oil hole.
RSF-48E4 · RSF-49E4 is a paired duplex with double rib and middle rib inner ring and no rib outer ring. There is a stop ring in the middle of the outer ring, and it becomes a non-separable type. Used as a free side bearing, the allowable amount of movement in the axial direction is fixed. With oil sump oil hole.
RS-50 · RS-50NR type is a sealed bearing with dust cover on both sides. It consists of an outer ring with a middle rib and two inner rings with a double rib in pairs. Can withstand axial loads in both directions. The lubricating oil can be supplemented through the oil groove and oil hole of the inner ring connected to the table surface. There is also a type with a stop ring on the outer diameter surface. This bearing is surface treated to prevent rust.

Permissible inclination angle
The permissible inclination angle of cylindrical roller bearings varies with the bearing type, internal specifications, etc., under general load conditions, it is about 0.0006 radian(2’)。 Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are hardly allowed to have inclination angles.

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