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Types and Characteristics of NSK Rolling Bearings---Spherical Roller Bearings
Source: this site     Release time:2021-12-09

NSK spherical roller bearings have drum rollers between an inner ring with a double raceway and an outer ring with a single spherical raceway. The center of curvature of the outer ring raceway surface is the same as the center of the bearing, so it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. Automatic adjustment prevents bearing overload in the event of deflection of the shaft or housing or shaft misalignment.
Spherical roller bearings not only have strong radial bearing capacity, but also can bear certain bidirectional axial loads. It has excellent radial load capacity and is suitable for heavy load and shock load conditions. Some bearings have a tapered bore and can be mounted directly on a tapered shaft or on a cylindrical shaft using an adapter or dismounting sleeve.
The cage uses steel stamping cage, brass machine cage and so on.

NSKHPS bearing is a standardized long-life product with high load capacity and high limit speed, and can be used in a high temperature environment of 200℃.
Structure, Type and Features
Spherical Roller Bearings, as shown in the figure, are available in EA, C, CD, and CA types with high load capacity design. In terms of design, EA type, C type and CD type are stamped cages, and CA series use copper alloy cages with high strength. Type EA bearings feature high load capacity and low torque. The standard design of the EA type is with oil holes and oil grooves. For other types, in order to supply lubricants, oil grooves and oil holes can be set on the outer ring of the bearing. EA and bearings with an outer diameter greater than 180mm are provided with oil grooves and oil holes (bearing code with E4) as a standardized design; bearings with an outer diameter of less than 180mm, if oil grooves and oil holes are also required, can be set in the required code number Order from NSK after marking E4.
In addition, when using bearings with oil grooves and oil holes, since the depth of the bearing oil groove is limited, it is more effective to provide oil grooves on the inner diameter surface of the bearing seat hole.

Allowable Self-aligning Angle
The allowable self-aligning angle of spherical roller bearings varies depending on the size series and load conditions. Generally, it is about 1°~2.5° for general loads.
Rated speed
The rated speed of the bearing is recorded in the dimension table of the bearing, but the bearing works under heavy load conditions, its rated speed must be corrected, if the lubrication method is improved, the rated speed can be increased,
Limiting speed
The limiting speed is an empirical value of the speed limit determined based on NSK's own evaluation standard that considers the interaction force between internal parts under typical load conditions and adequate lubrication conditions.

Precautions for the use of spherical roller bearings
1. For spherical roller bearings, if the bearing load is too small during operation, the ratio of the axial load to the radial load exceeds the e value (recorded in the bearing dimension table), not subject to axial loads - sliding between the rollers and raceways of the row will cause minor galling. This is especially true of large spherical roller bearings with heavy rollers and cages.
2. On equipment with vibration and shock loads or high-speed equipment with severe acceleration and deceleration, the cage may be damaged first compared to the bearing life. In this case of use, it is necessary to discuss the use of a special reinforced cage.

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