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McGill MCGILL® Cam Followers and Bearings
Source: this site     Release time:2021-12-13

McGill MCGILL BearingEngineers invented a needle bearing cam follower and have since innovated for aerospace and spherical bearings. System uptime and operational efficiency are goals, and McGill Bearing's unique robust design plays an important role in simplifying installation, reducing maintenance and reducing equipment downtime .

Since CAMROL® Cam Follower Bearings were patented in 1905, McGill® Precision Bearings have been designed to reduce operating costs and have continued to evolve to meet expanding industry and application demands. CAMROL ® bearings are now available in over 1,400 different combinations and configurations.

Even small amounts of dust, water or other particulate contamination can significantly reduce bearing life. Since there are no industry-wide standards for cam follower tolerances, Regal sets its own demanding tolerances and uses statistical process control to help provide cam followers manufactured to these exacting standards. In Regal's lab tests, in various lab and customer tests, CAMROL bearings lasted 50 times longer than some competitors' products.
CAMROL ®, TRAKROL ®, CAGEROL ®, GUIDEROL ®, SPHERE-ROL ® and other McGill bearings provide operational efficiency for a variety of industrial applications.

CAMROL ® Cam Followers
MCGILL ® CAMROL ® Full Complement Needle Roller Bearings are black anodized bearing steel. They are available in two basic mounting styles for mechanical automation or linear motion applications.

TRAKROL ® Cam Followers
TRAKROL ® bearings are black anodized bearing steel. They feature precision ball or tapered roller bearing inserts for extended service life under combined radial and thrust loads.

CAGEROL ® Needle Roller Bearing
CAGEROL ® Machined Needle Roller Bearings are manufactured from bearing high quality steel and formed rollers. This helps reduce end stress and allows for greater misalignment.

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