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Types and Features of NSK Rolling Bearings---Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings
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NSK thrust self-aligning roller Bearing is a thrust bearing with inclined drum rollers. The raceway of the race is spherical, so it has the self-aligning function. Therefore, this bearing is not affected by installation errors and shaft deflection. influences. This type of bearing can only bear axial load, but has the characteristics of being suitable for bearing heavy load and high rigidity of the shaft. The standard configuration of the cage is a machined brass product; the E-type product adopts a stamped cage, which has the characteristics of large load capacity.
Thrust bearings using spherical rollers are self-aligning. Not affected by installation errors. In addition to the standard type (M-type copper alloy turning cage), there are high-load design EM type (turning cage) and high-load design E type (pressing cage).
In addition to the conventional type, there is an E type that is designed for high load and uses a stamped cage. (The end of the nominal code is marked with the symbol of E). Bearings with copper alloy machined cages are recommended for lateral shafts and high-speed rotation.
There are many parts that are not easily lubricated by lubricants, such as the sliding contact surface between the roller head and the inner ring rib, and between the cage and the guide bush, so oil lubrication is used even for low-speed rotation. The traditional cage is a copper alloy machined cage. The axial bearing capacity is large, and it can also bear a certain radial load while bearing the axial load.
Generally use steel stamping cage or copper alloy turning cage.
Cage Code
M=Standard Type Turning Cage
EM=High Load Type, Turning Cage
E=High Load Type Stamping Cage

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