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Needle Roller Bearing

Needle Roller Bearing is a bearing with cylindrical rollers that are slender compared to their diameter. These bearings have a high load capacity despite their small cross section, making them ideal for bearing arrangements with limited radial space.

Needle roller bearings can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings according to the direction of the load. Among them, radial bearings include: various series of drawn outer ring type, solid type, and special purpose bolt type and retaining ring type roller needle roller bearings.

Needle roller and cage assembly is easy to install and use, and the combined needle roller will not fall off. The design space occupied is small, but it has a large carrying capacity. Due to the unique structure of the cage, the needle rollers can be accurately guided and the lubrication is ideal, so it can be used at high speed. The needle roller busbar has a convexity, which can alleviate the stress concentration at the end of the needle roller caused by the small installation error and the deformation of the shaft, and prolong the service life of the bearing.

Drawn cup needle roller Bearing (with cage type and full complement needle roller type) has a unique outer ring structure and is a type of rolling bearing with many features, these features include: outer ring wall The thickness is the thinnest, and the load capacity is large; it is made of a special alloy steel plate that has been strictly selected, and has a high limit load; the cage is surface-hardened, and has strong wear resistance; the limit speed is high, and it is easy to install.

Solid needle roller Bearing has high precision, occupies small design space and has strong bearing capacity. Its application is very extensive. The ferrule is made of vacuum degassed bearing steel or carburized steel which has been strictly selected. After heat treatment, it is subjected to fine grinding. In the outer ring with firm double rib, there are several high-precision needle rollers with certain convexity. The cage is lightweight and extremely tough to guide large diameter needle rollers precisely and smoothly

Thrust Needle Bearing, available in metric and imperial. The cage in the thrust needle roller and cage assembly is made of two and a half cages interlocked, which are precision stamped from steel plates and surface-hardened. High precision needle rollers are assembled into the cage, making it high strength and wear resistance. The needle roller is completely retained by the cage, which can bear a large axial load and rotate smoothly at the same time. Moreover, the assembly space is small, and it is easy to replace the original thrust washer (general term for shaft washer and seat washer, the same below). The needle roller and cage assembly is equipped with several thrust washers with different thicknesses, so the thrust washers with the best thickness can be selected according to the assembly conditions around the bearing.

Bolt type roller Bearing, outer ring wall thickness, needle roller busbar with convexity, the raceway surface of the stud bolt is hardened, has a certain toughness, and can withstand impact loads.

Retaining ring type needle roller Bearing, outer ring wall thickness, needle roller busbar with convexity, high load capacity, can withstand shock loads. This type of bearing is non-separable and easy to use, and is widely used in rollers, cams, rocker arms, etc.

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